Book Review – Inhuman Acts

Scary Realistic Medical Thriller

PG-13 – R for language and sexual content

*I received an ARC from the author, but this is my honest review.

Well-developed characters with relatable personal issues converge in Chattanooga TN in a life-or-death quest to discover and stop the cause of a rare human to human outbreak of rabies.

Letty Duquesne, a highly respected epidemiology researcher, receives a coveted promotion to teacher at the University of Georgia. But she prefers lab work, and the offer comes on the one-year anniversary of her sister’s tragic death. When Letty sees the news report of a rare rabies case in Chattanooga, she flees Georgia for the chance to use her knowledge to help discover the source.

As an outsider, Letty must win the trust of Chattanooga officials, medical professionals, and Detective Andrew Marsh, currently on administrative leave while under investigation for his actions on the job.

Someone doesn’t like Letty snooping around and her life is in danger.

Author Brooke French keeps readers in suspense all the way to the end.

Inhuman Acts, is a well-researched medical thriller. French weaved a great fictional plot with the creepy possibility of reality in our day. The question remains: Are man-made environmental causes “contributing to the world-wide increase in zoonotic spillover and abnormal animal activity?”

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