Character History: Research and Organizational Tips

A writer discovers characters by inspiration or by accident. Their stories are so incredible or inspirational they must be shared. The blessing of imagination allows characters to share their personal histories with the writer who becomes the ghostwriter. As a writer of historical fiction, my research requires discovering descriptions, timelines, and eye-witness accounts of real-life … More Character History: Research and Organizational Tips

Vision of Comfort

In the consciousness of morning, but with my eyes still closed, I prayed to Daddy God about my concerns. A vision of a his hand emerged from warm shades of light. His white-robed arm reached across the oak-stained table toward my child-sized hand and gently covered it.

Bad Parenting Day?

Remember the joy of learning you would be a parent? You dreamed of your child’s future. Maybe you figured out how old you would be when your child graduated from high school. But what if, by the time your daughter was seven-years-old, she was screaming, “I want to die.” This happened to Charity Marie. “Time … More Bad Parenting Day?

About My Drabble

There is a niche for readers who like quick reads and for writers who love creating shorter than normal stories. A blog called, The Drabble, offers the challenge of writing fiction, non-fiction, or poetry of 100 words or less. Give it a try. My story was inspired by a co-worker in Branson Mo. who was … More About My Drabble