phyllis_a_stillI’m a wife, mother, and grandmother, living my dream as an author and speaker in a small East Texas town.

I grew up mostly barefooted, surviving many adventures and a troubled home through seven states with a vivid imagination.

I am an overcomer. Therefore, I draw inspiration from the stories of other overcomers who have accomplished their dreams and goals—sometimes just to live.

May you be encouraged to rise above the storms of life.


My Award Winning, Dangerous Loyalties series, tells the fictional account of my Daughters of the American Revolution Patriot, Mary Shirley McGuire. Mary turned 13 in 1775. She and her family lived on 527 ac of Indian Creek land near Cook’s Fort, in  present day Monroe County, Western Virginia.

As the Colonist rebel, the Loyalist fear loss of their land grants and control of the fur trade in British Canada. Both sides seek alliances with the Native Americans. Mary world turns upside down. Sides are chosen and loyalties are test.

Through this series Mary and her family struggle to survive the wild frontier, threat of Indian raids, shortages of supplies, and war with the British. It’s the American Revolutionary War that leads to the real life events of June 1780, in Central Kentucky, when everything goes terribly wrong.

(Book III of VI is in progress) Published by White Bird Publications. Print on Demand. Available here.

defiance_on_indian_creek        fleeing_the_shadows

Super Emily and Buttermilk Adventures were inspired by a play day with one of my granddaughters, who loves to make everything right! Published by White Bird Publications. Print on Demand. Available here.


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