author_phyllis_a_stillI’m a wife, mother, and grandmother, living my dream as an author in a small East Texas town.

I grew up mostly barefooted, surviving many adventures and a troubled home through seven states with a vivid imagination

My desire is to champion overcomers in my writings so others may be encouraged to rise above the storms of life.

My Dangerous Loyalties series, tells the fictional account of my DAR ancestor, Mary Shirley McGuire. Mary turned 13 on February 17, 1775 in Western Virginia and her whole world turned upside down. She and her family struggle to survive the wild frontier, threat of Indian raids, shortages of supplies, and  war with the British.

In 1775, the Shirley’s lived on 527 ac of Indian Creek land near Cook’s Fort in present day Monroe County West Virginia. By 1780 Mary, her young son, and husband are in Central Kentucky, helping to defend the Western front. In June things go terribly wrong.


Book I: Defiance on Indian Creek 

Thirteen-year-old Mary Shirley wants a normal life with friends her age and someday, suitors. But Papa intends to remove the family to Kentucky territory, and she believes he’s a loyalist spy, endangering the family.

Internal struggles lead to lost trust and acts of defiance until Mary is faced with a dangerous decision: loyalty to Papa or loyalty to a cause. Lives are at stake no matter what she does—one puts hers at risk.

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Book II is in progress

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