Observations from an Introverted Novelist


  • Marketing is hard and depressing 
  • Maintaining a social media presence requires a certain degree of pretense 
  • If one doesn’t constantly comment on other’s posts, one doesn’t have a social presence
  • Book fairs, community events, and speaking engagements are mandatory but mind numbing
  • Empty promises from people for reviews, promotions, or feedback, reiterates rejection
  • Extroverts don’t understand the struggle
  • Long periods of isolation are required for recovery from social functions 
  • Book publishers should provide free professional marketers (One can dream)
  • Writers need words of encouragement from readers and publisher
  • Discouragement leads to further withdrawal from being social

I’d rather be writing!

Are you an introverted novelist? How do you cope with marketing?


9 Replies to “Observations from an Introverted Novelist”

  1. I am not a novelist, but I am an introvert. Extremely. While I find it difficult to be somewhere “in person”, maintaining a social media presence is easier, but I don’t even try to keep up with every post or tweet. I think many novelists are introverts, at least most of the ones I know. They don’t like self-promotion either; you’re definitely not alone, Phyllis!

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  2. I know of one writer and she’s a definite extrovert. Always at readings, readings, readings. She lives in Toronto, so it’s easier to self-promote since there are many bookstores and neighbourhood cafes that cater to artists like her. Although introverts typically are enthusiastic about things they love, right? When a person shows interest in your books (I’m talking in person), you probably enjoy that aspect of self-promotion, I’m guessing?


    1. Yes, once I’m at a function, I can people. I’m able to give inspiring presentations. But drumming up business, creating ads, and asking for reviews, steals my soul! lol
      I do have a few extrovert-author friends who are always booking and gone somewhere. When I’m up to it, I slid in with them. Then, I need a vacation.
      I appreciate your book reviews and encouragement. I’ve decided to dedicate more time updating my website and less time on Facebook, etc. I will add your reviews here soon. 🙂


  3. I’d much rather be writing than keeping up with social media, mostly because learning HOW to use the silly things. Takes way too much time to figure out Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! I could be writing!

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