The Perfect Parent Myth

Perfect-Mom-MythThe fact that you worry over being a good parent, means you are. But I understand the frustrations and doubts. Your child steals something, bullies someone, fails in school, you name it, and it has to be the parents fault, right. Hogwash—you’ve corrected them, cuddled them, and sent them to counselors. In exasperation, you’ve yelled, cried, and prayed yourself into hysteria.

But I’m here to tell you the truth—you’re not alone, after all, I’m sure Adam and Eve did all of the above, and yet her son Cain’s anger issue led to murder. And I’m quit positive, the Proverbs 31 woman’s children didn’t always rise up and call her blessed. Every stinking Mother’s Day, this is the passage of scripture is quoted and sermonized to encourage wives and mothers. Sorry, but holding that mirror up only makes you angrier.

Now, repeat the line from, The Help, every time you read, or try to do all the perfect parent activities on Pinterest, or see someone else’s children behaving at the store, church, or zoo. You know the one, “You is smart, you is kind, you is important.” 

The real purpose of Mother’s or Father’s Day should be, for a group of parents to go on a weekend retreat away from their kids for a massage, nap, and quiet dinner. Follow this by support sessions, hosted by survivors of marriage and parenthood—whose children turned out well, in spite of faults.

Follow your instincts, apologize to you kids when you blow it, pray, love when it hurts, and forgive yourself for not being the perfect parent.


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