Learning From Picky Readers

Call me weird, but I read one star ratings before choosing a book to read from Amazon. Some authors complain that competitor authors troll and leave bad reviews. I have no idea about that, but I find the brutally honest one star reviews point out characterization and plot flaws. With the bad side pointed out, I move up the star ladder. By the time I read the last two five star reviews, I know if I’m buying. As a newby writer, I pay attention to the one star complaints in order to learn what works and doesn’t work, from other picky readers.

4 Replies to “Learning From Picky Readers”

  1. I do the same with movies on iMDB. I gain more from reading the one star reviews. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde: anyone can write about a success, it takes a fine nature to critique a failure. Having said that, it is salutary to note that almost every movie is simultaneously the best and worst movie someone has ever seen. Probably ditto books.

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    1. Yes John, there are a staggering number of traditional and indie books available on Amazon, so one must have a system of elimination. At least I know what to expect when and if I ever finish rewriting my humble attempt at a novel. I am my own one star reviewer. 🙂


  2. I love the honestly of one star reviews. I’ve learned to skip over the obvious trolls such as “I haven’t read it, but I hate the cover” or other nonsense. Those who take the time to leave an in depth review about what they didn’t like about the book are a wonderful for learning, both for an author and a reader. I also love to go back and read the reviews after I have just read a book I couldn’t put down and compare my reaction to those one star reviews.

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