Character History: Research and Organizational Tips

A writer discovers characters by inspiration or by accident. Their stories are so incredible or inspirational they must be shared. The blessing of imagination allows characters to share their personal histories with the writer who becomes the ghostwriter. As a writer of historical fiction, my research requires discovering descriptions, timelines, and eye-witness accounts of real-life … More Character History: Research and Organizational Tips

My Group Therapy

Joining a critique group brings an end to the arrogant delusion of, “I have written a great story.” In fact, I’m discovering some hard, and down right scary, things about myself.

Scrivener Brain Version?

Scrivener stores, organizes, compiles, and so much more. I use the Windows version and love it. Now, if only there were a brain version. I can dream… In the mean time, I’m enjoying the tutorial YouTube videos by Karen Prince. Happy writing!

Lay/Laid and Lie/Lain

I made up this dialogue quip to keep them straight. “Lay the object down now.” “I laid the object down yesterday.” “I have laid the object down every day.” “Don’t lie.” “I’m going to lie down now.” “I lay down last night.” “I have lain many times.” Even though fictional stories are most often written in … More Lay/Laid and Lie/Lain