Warrior on the Western Waters

Second Edition


Warrior on the Western Wateris…an emotional roller-coaster of a story and the author effortlessly captures the intense emotions that each character is feeling, which reminds me of the emotional rumination of Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games. Still’s writing has a simple eloquence to it. It has a way of leading you through a story with simple language, which leaves your mind free to imagine the intriguing world that she is creating in her book. —Literary Titan

I review very few American writers, but this is a particularly good historical fiction series that all can enjoy…Warrior on the Western Waters is a Miramichi Reader “Pick”! —Miramichi Reader

2022 Literary Titan Five Star Award Winner

Warrior on the Western Waters, Book Three in the Dangerous Loyalties Series. Inspired by Daughters of the American Revolution Patriot Mary Shirley McGuire.

Far Western Territories, 1775-1776: Lack of security around the Boonesborough settlement allows a traitorous spy to whisk Mary Shirley from her family and deep into Ohio territory. She struggles with fear, prays for rescue, and faces her greatest challenge—survival among the Piqua Shawnee. For eight months, she learns their language and customs. She cares for her adopted family but longs for her own. A sudden betrayal forces her desperate escape down the turbulent Western Waters toward those she loves.

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