Interview with Drummer


Drummer, is the Shirley family’s lovable dog and a beloved secondary character from Defiance on Indian Creek. I thought his fans might enjoy learning more about him. I had to coax him out from under the porch with the fatty pieces of my steak.

He licked his lips and sat in front of me.

Thank you for coming out to talk to me, Drummer.


  1. Where did you come from? Papa acquired me from my litter after I kept following him around, watching him claw trees with his paw tool.
  2. Why were you named Drummer and by whom? Papa told Momma my name was Drummer when he brought me to his den. He said every time he took a break from clawing a tree to stroke my fur and talk to me, my tail tapped the ground like a drum.
  3. How old are you in human years? I think four.
  4. How old was Mary when you joined the Shirley pack? She had whispered in my ear that she had just turned 9 and I was her present.
  5. What is your favorite activity? I love to flush rabbits from their holes.
  6. What is your favorite food? Meat scraps and bones, but a tasty treat is the blood drippings.
  7. Are you allowed to go on adventures alone? No. I tried that a couple of times, and Papa placed a rope around my neck both times and made me stay near a tree all day. I hated that.
  8. Who is pack leader when Papa is away? Mary, although sometime George thinks he is. I get away with sneaking off with him, though.
  9. Do you play with the youngest pack members? Yes, except the one called Sally who tries to ride me. The one called Charlie likes to wrestle with me. The others throw things and want me to bring the things back. I humor them until I’m bored.
  10. Did you ever hear an Indian gobble like a turkey? If so, how did you know? I heard a human try to sound like a turkey once, but the pitch was all wrong. They said something ugly that a turkey would never say.
  11. Did you worry about Mary when she and Rebel left without you? I wanted to go on an adventure with them but Papa told me to stay.
  12. Do you have a favorite game to play? I like to hide the things the small ones throw when they are in the den. They must find the things before they can make me play.
  13. What do you like to chase? Squirrels. I wait until they think I’m asleep under the porch, then I pounce out from behind the bush or wood stack.
  14. If you could speak what would you say and to whom? I’d ask Papa why he leaves me at the den sometimes instead of letting me trot beside his horse. I don’t know if I’ve been bad.
  15. Do you always nap under the porch? No. Sometimes I fall asleep under a bush waiting to pounce on squirrels.

Drummer stood and shook his body. “It’s time to go to the bushes. Maybe we can talk more another time?”

Yes. Thank you. We might have more questions before you leave on the long journey with your pack. Have a fun day.

He trotted to the bushes and scurried out of sight. The Shirley’s cabin door creaked open, so I removed the antique comb from my hair and returned to my office. I hope you enjoyed this brief insight into the life of the Shirley family through Drummer’s point-of-view.

Be Strong!


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