Wanting to Win a Sandwich

wanting_to_win_a_sandwichAs I write this, it’s another hour wait for those who began gathering outside Schlotzsky’s before 7am. The first 100 people to purchase a 6-pack of Cinnabon rolls get a free small Original sandwich for a year!

So, because I happened to be awake before 7, I started a pot of coffee, gathered extra water, and drove to the grand opening location. By 7:19, the line of eager patrons curved around the building. There might have been less than 100 people, but there were no parking spaces. Unwilling to risk my life scanning adjacent businesses’ parking lots in the morning traffic, I headed home–satisfied with my willing attempt.

By now, I’ve finished my coffee in a controlled temp of 78. My feet are propped on the foot rest of my soft leather couch as I think about those hearty souls. They’re the ones willing to camp out overnight for holiday sales, brave the elements, and endure long uncomfortable hours of waiting–this time for a sandwich.

I realize, too, that these are the personality types of my early ancestors who endured harsh environments, overcame struggles, and fought for survival. If they hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here. They were true overcomers, heroes, and heroines.

Now, my half-hearted attempt seems feeble. I didn’t have what it took. Would my ancestors be ashamed of me? But it was for unhealthy cinnamon rolls and a tasty glutinous sandwich. If mine or my family’s lives depended on it for survival, I believe I’d have been the first one in line this morning.

So, I conclude my ponder with congratulatory praise to those amazing ones woke earlier than I, made it in time to park, and endured the grueling wait for the 10am opening. Can I have a bite?

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