Character Spirituality?

Everyone, between radical to atheist, has experienced ‘something’ in moments of crisis or glorious amazement. Feelings of Deja vu or unexplainable intuitions are common to humankind. Therefore, as writer, why would I create characters that exist in a void? Where does strength or resolve come from? Will characters chant, meditate, or pray? Will they connect through fate or destiny?

As a real life character, I have been shaped by life lessons and traumatic events. Sometimes I have come out on top and sometimes I’ve failed but, in all, I’ve changed and grown. (see Phyllis Stories.) All I can do, as a writer, is express my inner self through my characters and hope others are encourage or inspired to keep going in life and never give up.

I appreciate Donald Maass teaching the inclusion of spirituality in the life of characters in his book, Writing the Breakout Novel (eBook edition: 2012) in which he states, “… if God is at work in the world of your novel, then you have a chance at giving your readers an experience that is humbling, joyful and maybe even transforming.” (96)

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