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5 Challenges to Guest Blogging

I’ve followed author, editor, and writing coach, C.S. Lakin for years. I’ve matured as a writer from her critiques, classes, and books. She loves helping writers at all levels.

When I emailed her on a personal matter, she responded with sweet understanding, then shocked the heck out of me. “Why don’t you write me a blog post sometime…the #1 way to get new fans and traction on your books is to guest blog on top sights…”

So, I did.

But first, I dealt with these 5 challenges:

1. Fear–What do I know?

2. Imposter Syndrome–People will know I’m lame.

3. Write–Okay, I’ll try.

4. Revise–See, I can’t do it, but I’ll try again.

5. Release–Yay me, I did it. Followed by #1 and #2.

Have you guest blogged? What were your challenges and results?

My post category is Novel Structure. The title: 5 Steps to Write Thrilling Historical Fiction for Teens.

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Review of Time Sniffers by C. S. Lakin

Lakin_Time_SniffersEnjoyable Science Fiction for Teens

I enjoyed this fast-paced story and made an immediate emotional connection to Bria and her Autistic brother Dylan who are dealing with the loss of their mother.

Bria doesn’t believe her mother is dead. Acting on her gut feeling, Bria enlists friends from her science club to help her figure out what went wrong with the lab test that disintegrated their mother’s building. Recreating the experiment blows a hole in the basement wall and in comes the loveable, doglike Sniffer. The adventurous teens go through the hole and risk all to help Bria find answers.

Lakin did an amazing job capturing the chaotic mind of teens trying to solve problems while sorting through feelings and logical facts. Lakin allows Bria to be a scientific, practical-minded girl who also has the real emotions and hormones of a teenager. The romantic element is a plus in my opinion and balances the heavily detailed physics.

I’m please to recommend Time Sniffers (Shadow World Book 1), and believe teens will enjoy this novel.

There were a few errors in the free version I read, but the well-developed story and wonderful character development have garnered my 5-star rating.

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C. S. Lakin: Professional Help


writers_need_chocolateWhile in the process of writing my first novel, I followed an agent’s blog who warned those wishing to query her not to, unless the manuscript had been professionally edited. She offered a list of recommended copy editors. From this list, I chose C. S. Lakin.

From her website, Live, Write, Thrive, Lakin offers a number off valuable services for writers. Before paying for an edit, I opted for her professional critique. Read more