Warrior on the Western Waters


Dangerous Loyalties Book Three keeps readers in suspense as the plot delves deeper into the conflicts the Native Americans had with both British controlled Detroit and settlers being promised cheap fertile land. If Daughters of the American Revolution patriot, Mary Shirley McGuire, had lived at the settlement called Boonesborough during at the end of 1775, she and her family would have experienced the greed for land and the fool hearted endeavor to fortify an area under the constant threat of attack.

her worst fears come true

While foraging in the shadows around the unprotected Boonesborough in 1775, Mary overhears a traitor’s plot, but no one believes her. Daniel Boone’s new settlement is supposed to be a haven from Loyalists seeking revenge against her patriot papa, known as Cage Shirley.
But when Mary is abducted to force his surrender, her dreams for the future are shattered. Instead of a British outpost, she is delivered to an angry Shawnee village.

Mary is thrust into the shocking Shawnee culture, but longs for her family and freedom. Hope for rescue wanes and friendships form, but all is not well. The Shawnee clans are joining the Cherokee war against white settlements. Fear for her family’s safety revives her need to escape, but when she is sold to a vile man from her past, she is desperate to flee. Can she survive the turbulent western rivers and return to those she loves?

praise for Warrior on the western waters

Praise for the Dangerous Loyalties Series…Ms. Still has penned a fast-moving, historically accurate account of pioneer life…wholly enjoyable, and quite intense and shocking at times…this is a historical series to take note of and one I definitely want to keep following. – The Miramichi Reader

The Dangerous Loyalties series may be considered “Young Adult” reading, but there’s plenty here for adults to enjoy, too. Especially if you like good adventure stories with a historical aspect to it. Mary Shirley was an actual person, and Ms. Still has developed some good fiction around her life. Mary is a fine role model for courage, love of family and love of God. There are more books to come in this series, I’m told, and I greatly look forward to reading them. I review very few American writers, but this is a particularly good historical fiction series that all can enjoy. It would help to start reading this series from the beginning, as each story begins where the last left off. Warrior on the Western Waters is a Miramichi Reader “Pick“! – James Fisher

I have been eagerly awaiting the third book in Phyllis Still’s Dangerous Loyalties series, so I requested a free copy, and this is my unbiased review. Warrior on the Western Waters is even better than the first two books. It is as fast paced as the first two books with unexpected twists and turns that prevented me from putting the book down. But what made Warrior on the Western Waters even better is giving the perspective of the Indians in the region. As a homeschool teacher, I built my whole history curriculum around good historical fiction. It was very difficult to find books that covered the American Revolutionary War anywhere other than New England even though there were obviously people living south and west of of New England. Reading the well-researched perspective of those settling the new frontier during the Revolutionary War, woven into a great story in the first two books, was enjoyable and a great addition to any literature-based history study. Warrior on the Western Waters takes it a step further by giving the perspective of the Indians whose lands were gradually being settled by others. The detail of life with Indians is so good, I want to go back and read it again to soak it all in. In addition, the development of the characters in the third book made me feel like I had become part of the family, so much so that if and when I get to read a fourth book in the series, I will feel like I’m coming home. Warrior on the Western Waters does go into some detail about the main character going through menses (puberty) with detail not often seen in young adult historical fiction, especially from an Indian perspective. However, it is done discretely while still educating about the time period and simultaneously connecting girls across all generations. The young and those like me who have lived over a half century will definitely enjoy Warrior on the Western Waters. Just be prepared to stay up till 3 am finishing it because if you’re like me, you won’t be able to put it down. -Homeschool Teacher