Defiance on Indian Creek


Dangerous Loyalties Book One is an emotionally riveting novel that takes readers into the dangerous Appalachian Plateau where Daughters of the American Revolution patriot Mary Shirley McGuire began her teen years.

the adventure begins

Mary Shirley is brave and tenacious.

She’s also prone to be rash and just wants a peaceful life with friends her age. But two weeks into the fall of 1774, Mary Shirley is worried about her family’s survival. Her papa hasn’t returned from the Indian campaign on the Ohio River. Being the eldest child at almost thirteen, Mary convinces Momma to allow her to hunt small game. When she hears a turkey gobble, she expects Indians and prepares to defend herself. Can she kill another human being?

Papa’s arrival home is a mixed blessing. He relays terrifying news that could change their lives forever. The Shawnee chief, Cornstalk, has agreed to peace, but Virginia colonist are enraged with King George and speaks of war with Britain. Papa declares that he will remain a loyal British subject. Worst of all, he plans to move the family to Kentucky territory if war breaks out. Confused and afraid, Mary wants to change his mind before dreams of a peaceful future are shattered.

Mary discovers mysterious surveys with riddles in her papa’s things. Then she finds a hidden box in the barn with more secret documents. To top it off, Papa borrows two slaves to do his field work. When she witnesses his betrayal of a patriot neighbor and reads a disturbing letter that implicates him as a traitorous spy, she is livid. He is endangering the family and must be stopped. Mary’s loyalties are tested.

Days from the move to Kentucky, Papa returns deathly ill from a survey job and begs Mary to deliver his final lifesaving dispatch. If she refuses, he will die trying.

Is loyalty to Papa more important than loyalty to the cause of freedom? Lives are in danger no matter what choice she makes.

praise for defiance on Indian creek

“Defiance on Indian Creek transports readers to the days of the American Revolution to follow the heart-stirring story of young Mary Shirley, who struggles to find her place in a turbulent world. Troubled by whispers of her father’s traitorous activities, the eldest of eight siblings, Mary must summon resolve and inner strength to do what must be done to keep her family safe–putting herself in the path of great danger. Readers will love Mary and worry for her every step of the way. Defiance on Indian Creek is the first book in what will no doubt prove to be as impacting and lasting a series as Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie books.” Charlene Whitman, author of The Front Range series

“A Wonderful YA Historical Novel. The setting is well researched, the characters are well developed, and the tension is superb. I thoroughly enjoyed this saga of a time in our American History. We feel the young girl Mary’s struggle, we see the close-knit family, and the hardships they go through. I look forward to the next book in this series! Well done!” –Patty Wiseman, author of the Velvet Shoe Collection