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The Lost Puppy (A Super Emily and Buttermilk Adventure)




Super Emily loves to make everything right!

With the help of her magical stuffed kitten, Buttermilk, Emily goes on adventures to help those in need.

When the heart on Buttermilk’s collar flashes, Emily knows her friend’s puppy is missing. But Emily hasn’t finished her green beans yet, and Momma wants her plate.

After explaining the problem to Momma, Emily may go help, but she must hurry back to finish her beans.  Momma thinks Emily is pretending.

super_emily  super_emily_buttermilk  super_emily-buttermilk wink

This heart-warming children’s book captures a young child’s desire to care for others who are in need. Imaginative play is encouraged as well as issues of respect and follow-through on tasks.

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