Blue-Footed Booby Shoes

AIS (ass-in-seat) isn’t a problem for me.

Without supervision, interruptions, or body functions, I sit in my chair writing, revising, and researching all day. When my husband retired, he faithfully left me to my work each morning and took a stroll on a park trail. When allergies and the Texas heat forced him into mall walking, he suggested, encouraged, then requested I come with him for thirty minutes.

I committed to the morning walk before sitting, but I needed new shoes.

My ugly gray ones used to be white and I’m terrible maintaining white anything. My husband told me the name of the shoes he bought and likes because they’ve held up and don’t hurt his feet. I found the brand online and ordered the pretty blue ones. (Click on the picture for details)

After several days of mall walking, I thought he said, “You’re a booby.”

“Did you just call me a booby?” I waited for his explanation.

Blue-footed booby

He laughed. “Those shoes make you look like a blue-footed booby.” We giggled.

They are bright blue, and my light-colored Capri pants show them off.

If my blue-footed booby shoes make my fellow walkers smile, I’m happy.

Stay healthy writer friends!

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